Leap Into A Healthy New You With Sports Massage and Aromatherapy!

At LaVida Massage we believe the benefits of regular exercise and massage are endless and recommend it for every one of all ages. This is especially important during the cooler months of the year that can leave you somewhat in the doldrums feeling down and sluggish. Exercise, followed by a Sports Massage, can help greatly improve your mood and energy levels, as well as help relieve depression by increasing the levels of endorphins, which are our body’s natural “uplifting and feeling good” chemicals. By simply adding 30 minutes/five days a week of physical activity and massage at least once a month to your routine, you can greatly boost your overall mood and well-being.

Some examples of simple activities you can do are:

  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Parking in the most far away spot at work so you can have a small walk every day.
  • Doing Yoga or Pilates.
  • Riding a bicycle to work, if possible, or at least around the block.
  • Walking fast for 15 minutes then doing stretching exercises for another 15.
  • Housework such as vacuuming, mopping or sweeping.

Aromatherapy is also another great, natural way to enhance your emotional health by calming you and reducing your stress and irritability. Our LaVida Massage Tangerine Essential Oil is the perfect oil to combat those “winter time blues” and put the pep back in your step. This beautifully fragrant oil will help soothe you by creating a sense of calm and helping relieve nervous anxiety, which can lead to those sleepless nights when you lay in bed and just cannot stop thinking. Tangerine Oil, sometimes referred to as the “Happy Oil”, will also help cheer you up with its inspiring and uplifting citrus aroma. It makes you happy just smelling it! Adding this “Happy Oil” to your next Custom Massage or Facial session will enhance the overall therapeutic benefit and experience, leaving you uplifted and stress free. Here are some other ways you can enjoy this amazing oil at home and on the go.

Inhale by adding a few drops to:

  • An ultrasonic diffuser to freshen the air around you.
  • A tissue or cotton ball to enjoy wherever you go.
  • A spray bottle with water to freshen the air and surfaces around you.

Now incorporate Massage into this formula to complete the equation for “A Happier, Healthier You!” Sports Massage specifically, is important for every level of athleticism; from speed walkers to professional athletes. According to an American Massage Therapy Association article, “Individuals who participate in exercise and athletic programs who seek enhanced performance, improved conditioning, faster recovery, injury prevention, and assistance in maintaining peek fitness can benefit from massage therapy given by professional massage therapists working within their scope of practice.” Combining LaVida Massage Tangerine Oil with your Sports Massage after your favorite activity or workout, will further enhance all of these therapeutic benefits as well as provide additional mental and emotional benefits. We are dedicated to our guest’s health and wellness inside and out, offering only the highest quality essential oils and professionally trained therapists to meet all of your therapeutic needs. Take the leap into Wellness and experience how LaVida Massage Aromatherapy and Sports Massage will pave the way to a Happier, Healthier You!