The Benefits of a Couple’s Massage

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, one of the best ways to strengthen your relationship with a loved one is with a Couples’ Massage from LaVida Massage. By now, most people understand the mental and physical benefits of a massage. But, what are the positive effects it can have on a relationship?

  • Something you both can enjoy: Every person is different, that is no secret. Sometimes it is hard to find something to do that you both will enjoy doing together. Look no further, friend. A massage is something that can be done together but is customized to each guest’s specific needs, both of you are sure to enjoy it!
  • Think outside of the box: Tired of going to the same three places on date night? Mix it up with a couples’ massage! Not only will you get to experience something new, but it will potentially jump-start a whole new area of relaxation for you and your partner to explore.
  • Quality time together: With today’s demanding work and home schedules, it can be tough to find a way to reconnect with each other. A couples’ massage is a great way to set aside, at least, 60-Minutes of time to spend together with each other.
  • Increases feelings of affection: Massages have been known to increase oxytocin, more commonly known as the “cuddle” chemical. Not only will you leave the massage feeling relaxed and stress-free, you will also feel closer to the one you love!